The Life Cycle of the HIV Virus

Jun 17, 2014

This 3D interactive scene explains the puzzle of the HIV virus, its life cycle, and
how it reproduces itself in the host.

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Malignant Cell

Aug 20, 2014

One of six cancer cell illustrations for large-scale trade show displays.

Also an entry into the Medical Illustrator’s Sourcebook.

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The Science of G

Sep 13, 2014

Hybrid collaborated with VML (and client) to produce The Science of G, a new Gatorade product line.

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Discovery Channel UK – “Ebola Exposed”

Dec 03, 2014

Title sequence – “Ebola Exposed” aired November 22 and created for Discovery Channel UK.

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Dec 23, 2014

A view of a transcytosis underway.

In this depiction, we’ve developed our own hand-drawn cel-shading technique…

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