Augmented Reality for Autotransfusion System

Jun 03, 2019

Augmented reality experience and app developed for the support of our client’s autotransfusion system. Developed as a key global training tool for service technicians, equipment service and support team members.

This in-depth AR experience allows the technician to virtually “place” the AutoLog IQ unit in their own space. Interactive callouts and a user interface help the user locate, examine, and disassemble device components, as well as re-assemble the system parts back into place. Imagine the benefits of this app versus having to locate the correct documentation and finding parts from a schematic.

Because the augmented device environment is a virtual mirror of the actual real-life system, this experience offers technicians the ability to take control of their learning process — on their own time, and at their own location. Videos are also available in the app to support the user experience.

A key for this project was to appropriate the system’s detailed CAD data and convert it into a reasonable format suitable for AR and real-time display.

Our role included all aspects, including close collaboration with the client on overall concept and creation of product’s augmented “story,” production of real-time 3D experience & assets, as well as interface design and deployment of app.

View app in use >>

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