All you really need to know is (1) we apply the same proven, systematic approach on all projects (2) we’re flexible, and (3) we make it easy for you.

Every project is created in 3 phases:

In Pre-Production, we intently listen to your needs and expectations. Then, we ask questions and listen some more until we’re 100% confident that we understand your objectives, resources, timelines, regulatory hurdles, and budgets. Our medical director then reviews all source materials, such as scientific articles, PowerPoint decks, and marketing materials; if necessary, he interviews experts in the field. Next, the voiceover script is developed, followed by a detailed storyboard. Pre-production is complete upon your approval of the script and storyboard. With Pre-Production, meticulous attention to scientific content and accommodation of visual needs are critical in laying a solid foundation for the success of every project.

In Production, we create 3D models of all characters and scenes. The voiceover and storyboard are revised and finalized, and the animation production begins. Our staff of over twelve in-house animators and our dedicated render farm containing hundreds of multiprocessing CPU’s that allow us to produce amazing, innovative animations faster than anyone in the industry.  Lighting, texturing, rendering, and modeling are the technical cores that make our animations so successful. Production is completed when the voiceover script is recorded and a rough cut of the full animation is produced and edited with your input.

In Post-Production, we edit the video footage and add post effects to the project. In our state-of-the-art editing suite, we combine the final animation and voiceover with essential elements like music, special effects, titles, and graphics. Deliverables of the final project are provided in any format, such as iPad, website, QuickTime, Windows Media Format, Flash, and others.