A closer look at the tumor microenvironment (TME)

Oct 27, 2023

This animation delves deep into the tumor microenvironment (TME)a complex cellular domain in which a tumor resides

Take an immersive, cinematic journey through this thriving tumor microenvironment, showcasing the intricate biological landscape of an extracellular matrix, newly-forming blood vessels, cancer-associated fibroblasts, and various immune cells such as macrophages, T cells, B cells, dendritic cells, neutrophils, NK cells, and more.

Tumors are more than just masses of malignant cells. Although the composition of the TME varies between tumor types, in many cases, the actual tumor cells might comprise less than half of the tumor’s total mass. Our animation also highlights the newly-formed vasculature. These vessels not only sustain the TME with oxygen and nutrients but also provide a route for tumor cells to access the bloodstream and potentially metastasize to distant sites.

In this exploration, we also emphasize cell migration — a critical, multifaceted process shaped by various factors. Cells within the TME communicate with each other through an intricate network of signaling pathways that can influence immune response and surveillance, angiogenesis, tumor growth, metastasis, and resistance to therapies. There have been recent advancements in understanding the spatial arrangement and complex interrelationships of cells in the tumor microenvironment.

Ultimately, a tumor’s growth and potential to spread are shaped by several intertwined pathological events, including chronic inflammation, alterations and remodeling of the extracellular matrix, angiogenesis, immune system suppression, and cell migration.

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Blood flow through a beating heart | Cardiac hemodynamics

Sep 11, 2023

The heart’s internal blood flow is complex, beautiful, and driven by several components, including the four heart valves, ventricular makeup, the rhythmic contraction and relaxation cycles, the automatic nervous system, and hormonal influence. All these factors work in tandem to ensure continuous and efficient circulation of blood throughout the heart and the entire body.

Our goal in this scene was to emulate blood flow in the chambers of the heart using fluid dynamics (in Houdini).

Simulations of this type require a high amount of detail in order to contend with the high velocities of pressure and flow, and to address the thin collision geometry in the valves and between the chambers. 

We rendered this in a style that would feature the blood flow and give the heart more of a fluoroscopy look & feel. Oxygenated blood is shown in red; deoxygenated blood in blue.

The percentage of blood that is pumped out with each beat is called ejection fraction or EF. Normal ejection fraction is greater than 55%.

Comprehending the dynamics of blood flow is pivotal for grasping the nuances of cardiovascular physiology. Analyzing these flow patterns is instrumental in evaluating cardiac performance, specifically when assessing the heart’s diastolic function. Understanding the efficiency of the ventricles filling up before they contract can be crucial when diagnosing heart failure.

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Proliferation and activation of microglia in the brain

Aug 31, 2023

Amyloid plaques are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

This sequence shows the proliferation and activation of microglia in the brain, concentrating around and engulfing neurotoxic amyloid-beta plaques that have caused damage to impaired neurons nearby.

Microglia are specialized immune cells of the central nervous system, specifically in the brain and spinal cord. They play a vital role in monitoring and maintaining the neural environment. One of their primary responsibilities is to detect and remove damaged neurons, plaques, and other cellular debris from the brain.

We worked closely with our clients to create an accurate portrayal of microglia, including their form and structure, their movement and behavior, as well as the manner in which they form a barrier around these growing, toxic plaques. Microglia size, movement, and morphology were all examined by viewing time-lapse imaging projection software – and then recreated in 3D.

One potentially harmful aspect of this relationship between microglia and plaques is that prolonged activation of microglia in response to persistent plaques can lead to chronic inflammation, which might contribute to neuronal damage and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Oligomers, fibrils, & plaques | Alzheimer’s | medical animation

Aug 21, 2023

Segment from 5-minute mechanism of action animation.

This sequence explores a hallmark and pathophysiological feature of Alzheimer’s disease: toxic amyloid beta aggregates (Aβ) that accumulate into plaques (neurofibrillary tangles) near neurons in the brain.

A challenge for this sequence was to show the assembly of these naturally occurring peptides – oligomers, fibrils, and plaques – all in one continuous shot.

In addition, we show how over time, extracellular amyloid beta aggregates, including oligomers, fibrils, and plaques, are thought to exert toxic effects on neurons and synapses, disrupt cell function, and lead to synaptic dysfunction and loss.

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Amyloid light chain (AL) amyloidosis | cardiac amyloidosis animation

Jul 21, 2023

Opening with a view of the heart, we reveal several amyloid deposits infiltrating the muscle tissue. 

Then we zoom down to the heart muscle cells and see misfolded light chains aggregating into insoluble amyloid fibrils.

We fade, over time, from the early onset of light-chain infiltration to late-stage fibril aggregation, where the buildup of amyloid deposits around and in between the cardiomyocytes has made the muscle tissue stiff and less flexible, impairing the heart’s ability to relax and fill with blood.

Amyloid light chain (AL) amyloidosis is the most common form of systemic amyloidosis and is caused by the misfolding of immunoglobulin light chains, which are produced by abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow. 

Deposits can be widespread, affecting multiple organs, or they can be more localized.

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The diverse human gut microbiome

Jun 06, 2023

Animation sequence featuring a fly-over of the human gut microbiome – a huge, diverse range of many different types of bacteria residing inside our small and large intestine.

This sequence was created for an episode (for WebMD) that examines how the gut microbiome may influence cancer response to immune checkpoint inhibitors. Essentially, if a patient has melanoma, the types of bacteria in their gut may help determine if the cancer responds to checkpoint inhibitor therapy or not.

There are trillions of microbes in our gastrointestinal tract, around 90% of which are bacteria.

Our microbiome has a profound impact on our well-being and can affect us in several different ways – both beneficial and harmful. In recent years, scientists and researchers have discovered correlations between the composition of an individual’s microbiome and their wider health, including obesity, mental health, bowel disease, and the immune system.

Further advances need to be made in learning more about actual causation – and which effects come from which individual microbes.

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Paramecia: unicellular ciliates animation

Jun 02, 2023

A view of paramecia spiraling their way about in a freshwater pond.

In this sequence, we get a close-up look at one of these unicellular microorganisms as it makes its way around using the tiny hair-like cilia on its outer surface. Arranged in longitudinal rows, there are around 4,000 of these motile cilia on its surface, beating in waves to ensure movement and feeding.

In addition to other organelles, we can see several vacuoles inside, digesting organisms such as bacteria and yeasts.

The paramecium was among the first single-celled organisms to be observed under the microscope.

In order to capture the emergent behavior and movement of this microworld, the definitive goal here was to create a natural environment using physics simulations and a procedural pipeline instead of hand-keyed animation.

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Onychomycosis & nail fungal disease

May 22, 2022

This animation takes a closer look at a fungal infection of the toenail and the key attributes of its invasion, including discoloration and brittleness of the nail, striations and thickness of the nail plate, and ultimately, the presence and proliferation of fungi at the nail bed.

One of the more important aspects for this project was to create a highly detailed, diseased nail cross-section, including anatomically correct layers (dorsal, intermediate, and ventral). This would allow us to feature the delivery vehicle and transport of cosmetic and antifungal ingredients through the nail plate.

Additional key challenges for this piece included creating a 3D toe with diseased nail, particle simulations of the key anti-fungal solution ingredients and their pathway down to the nail bed, and the destruction of fungal species (including yeasts, dermatophyte molds, and non-dermatophyte molds) at the nail bed.

Trichophyton rubrum – the fungal species we see at the end – is the most common type of nail fungus.

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Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) | NASH liver disease animation

May 16, 2022

A few selected sequences we produced for a recent Medscape CME / ABIM MOC / CE symposium titled NASH 101: What You Need to Know Now

The full 2.5- minute animation was developed to be played as a visual aid when the moderator discussed epidemiology and pathogenesis.

We were asked to conceptualize and develop this visual science story. It provides insight into the pathophysiology of NAFLD and NASH, including the role of fatty acids, insulin resistance, and steatosis, as well as mitochondrial dysfunction, excess ROS production, and the stress put on the endoplasmic reticulum inside ballooning hepatocytes. 

In addition, we depicted key attributes of the progression of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) including bloated hepatocytes and the fat droplets accumulating inside, displaced cell organelles, lobular inflammation, and the scarring (fibrosis) that occurs as collagen fibers fill the spaces once cell death occurs.

In the last few years, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) have become the most common causes of chronic liver disease worldwide. This epidemic is starting to parallel the epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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Cytotoxic T cells targeting tumor cells | immunotherapy animation

May 03, 2022

A close-up fly-through of tumor cells, and the arrival of cytotoxic t cells intent on eradicating them. Activation and proliferation of cytotoxic T cells are critical for immune-mediated tumor destruction.

A key challenge we were given for this sequence: develop a rendering approach that mimics infrared thermal microscopy imaging techniques.

Researchers have been making advancements in understanding the thermal behavior of cells – for example, the ability to read the signatures of tumor cells due to their higher metabolism – in order to be used alongside existing histological analysis methods.

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Fat cell enlargement & type 2 diabetes

Apr 22, 2022

Fat cell enlargement in obesity is related to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

In this sequence, we travel into the visceral fat and see an active environment – teeming with overstressed, damaged fat cells, vasculature, and immune cells.

Stress on these hypertrophic adipocytes results in lipid spillover (fatty acid release) into the circulation, as well as proinflammatory cytokine release and immune cell recruitment.

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CAR T-cell animation

A CAR T-cell therapy targeting B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA)

Apr 21, 2022

A few selected segments from a 6-minute animation created for a first-in-class B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA)-directed personalized immunotherapy called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.

In this CAR T therapy, the T cells are engineered to target a protein called BCMA, which is found in abundance on multiple myeloma cells, but is absent from nearly all normal cells.

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Inflammation, the Heart, and the Effects of Influenza

Mar 15, 2022

Sequence from an animation that explores influenza, the body’s immune response to the virus, and how it may cause dangerous levels of inflammation throughout multiple organs systems of the body.

In this excerpt, we depict a plaque rupture and show the important role inflammation plays in the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

This is a sequence from a three-part production that provides insight into how older adults with existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, or diabetes may face a higher risk of severe complications when they are infected with the influenza virus.

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mAb targeting multiple myeloma

Feb 22, 2022

Sequence from 5-minute MOA that provides insight and details for a monoclonal antibody (mAb) designed to induce programmed tumor cell death (apoptosis) and immunomodulatory activity.

For this mechanism of action video, our task was to create a science story that would depict several key features: how the mAb finds and binds to myeloma cells and exposes them for elimination, how it boosts cells of the immune system, and how this targeted immunotherapy can kill myeloma cells directly.

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Attacking pathogens with biodefense technology

Feb 22, 2022

Animation created for the Synexis BioDefense System, a cutting-edge device that converts naturally occurring oxygen and humidity in the air to Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), otherwise known as DHP™.

This unique molecule works continuously to attack the mold, bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) that hide in any type of indoor space.

Our job was to visualize the breakdown and conversion of particles to be converted into DHP, as well as show how DHP molecules are drawn to and destroy various types of viruses, bacteria and mold.

We collaborated closely with our client regarding how the DHP engages with (and destroys) each kind of pathogen, as well as behavior of subatomic particles in the breakdown-and-conversion process inside the catalyst space.

For the complete video, visit synexis.com

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Diabetic nephropathy & chronic kidney disease

Feb 21, 2022

A few frames from animation that depicts the progression of diabetic nephropathy, a driver of chronic kidney disease in people with diabetes. 

Here in the glomerulus, the images show progressive damage to the tubules, damage to podocytes (including loss of them), and scarring as a result of mesangial cells excreting extracellular matrix. 

The last image depicts contracted, granular kidneys from long-term hypertension.

Animation was created for client’s episode on chronic kidney disease and the relationship between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk in patients with advanced CKD.

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Pneumonia infection

Feb 20, 2022

Deep in the lungs, we can see the clusters of tiny air sacs — the alveoli — becoming inflamed and filling with pus, making it difficult to breathe.

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, or even fungi.

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CD38 antibodies inducing cell death

Feb 20, 2022

The monoclonal antibody has become instrumental for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

In this sequence, monoclonal antibodies are seen targeting CD38, a protein commonly expressed on the surface of cancerous plasma cells.

Activation of the complement system triggers the formation of pores in the cellular membrane, leading to cell death.

A goal for this sequence was to explore a visual approach that resembled a deep sea look & feel, including planktonic soft-bodied organisms and other invertebrate animals that live near the ocean floor.

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The pathophysiology of sickle cell disease

Jan 15, 2022

Segment from a 4-minute animation that explores the pathophysiology of sickle cell disease and the progressive, tissue-damaging effects of chronic hemolysis and anemia.

Our assignment: visually depict several key critical aspects of the SCD story, such as hemoglobin S (HbS) polymerization, red blood cell sickling and tethering, vaso-occlusion, and chronic hemolysis.

Sickled red blood cells promote inflammation, obstruct the vasculature, injure the endothelium, and may lead to ischemic damage in vital organs.

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Medications for type 2 diabetes

Jan 12, 2022

Patient education animations created for WebMD that explore common medications for type 2 diabetes.

Because each treatment works in a unique way, our task was to bring three medications to life, creating an easy-to-understand mechanism of action story for each science story.

The three medications highlighted on the WebMD website: Metformin, Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4), and SGLT2 Inhibitors. 

These are selected segments from the larger productions.

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sleep animation

The healing power of sleep

May 17, 2021

Sequence from immersive 1.5-minute 360° animation where we explore the benefits of sleep.

Here within the neural microspace of the brain, we depict the “cleansing system” of the brain: the glymphatic system. 

Just like the rest of your body, the brain accumulates waste. Recent discoveries have shown that cerebral spinal fluid “flushes” debris and metabolic toxins out of the neural microspace during the deep sleep phase. 

We also watch the heart beating (and lungs breathing) inside the chest cavity and discuss the role of sleep in reducing your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

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Targeting DNA methylation

Mar 04, 2021

Sequence from project that provides insight on the role aberrant DNA methylation has in the abnormalities responsible for cancer cell growth, especially hematological malignancies such as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

In this sequence, we begin with a view of “normal” DNA methylation, and then change to a view of hypermethylation underway.

Eventually, decitabine – a hypomethylating agent – can be seen moving into place and blocking DNA methyltransferase (DNMT), leading to the degradation of DNMT and eventual hypomethylation.

Targeting DNA methylation with DNA hypomethylating agents (HMAs) acts to reprogram tumor cells to a more normal-like state.

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The endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Jan 15, 2021

1.5-minute animation created for CME event. 

Our assignment included the development of the science story and creation of key events that would inform and educate viewers on the physiologic functions associated with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the role of CB1 retrograde signaling, as well as the enzymes involved in the degradation of endocannabinoids.

We had the pleasure and honor of collaborating closely with the speaker of this event; she is also noted for her discovery of the CB1 receptor for cannabinoid agonists.

The target audience included neurologists, primary care physicians, and pediatricians.

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Sickle cell vaso-occlusion

Nov 02, 2020

Here inside this blood vessel, the circulation of red blood cells is obstructed by sickled red blood cells aggregating, sticking together, and leading to an event known as a vaso-occlusive crisis — a central characteristic of sickle cell disease (SCD)

As we zoom out, we are able to see more damage being done in other microvessels.

Sickled red blood cells promote inflammation, obstruct the vasculature, injure the endothelium, and may lead to ischemic damage in vital organs.

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Augmented Reality – Gross Bodies

Sep 20, 2020

Working closely with local book company Lerner Publishing Group, we developed an augmented reality app geared for student learning. This app includes series Space in Action, Gross Bodies and Creepy Crawlies. All now available in stores.

Take a look!

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Download IOS App >>

Download Android App >>

The promise of antibody drug conjugates

Jul 02, 2020
What if instead of using traditional chemotherapy, antibodies could deliver a drug payload directly to tumor cells — and spare the normal cells?
In this sequence, antibody-drug conjugates can be seen here in the airway, descending down to cancerous epithelial cells and binding to specific antigens only found on targeted cells.
Monoclonal antibody technologies continue to evolve and hold great promise for the treatment of a wide number of diseases.

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Birth of a chimeric antigen receptor

Apr 02, 2020

Watch a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) sprout from the surface of a genetically re-engineered white blood cell.

A chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) sprouts from the surface of a genetically re-engineered white blood cell.

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Latest promotional reel

Feb 20, 2020
We are thrilled to share our newest promotional reel with you . . .
. . . a collection of some of our favorite and latest work, featuring segments from medical animation projects we have produced over the past couple of years.

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11-foot-tall interactive beating heart installation

Jul 30, 2019

Large-scale, interactive installation featuring a beating heart and flow simulation of the body’s circulatory system.

The heartbeat and blood flow respond interactively to visitors in the facility: as more people enter the University Center, the heart rate elevates; as they leave, the heartbeat lowers. 

Created in the visual style of an MRI, the 11-foot-tall, 8-foot-wide installation serves as a living welcome to visitors of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

This animation features a few of the sequences we produced for the final piece, including the particle simulations of blood pressure and flow.

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The Widespread Effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jul 11, 2019

2.5 minute animation that explores the multiple factors contributing to joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis and the role of IL-6, one of the most abundant multifunctional cytokines in the synovial fluid of patients with RA.

IL-6 is a key driver of articular and systemic manifestations and major player in inflammation, immunity, and disease.

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Augmented Reality for Autotransfusion System

Jun 03, 2019

Augmented reality experience and app developed for the support of our client’s autotransfusion system. Developed as a key global training tool for service technicians, equipment service and support team members.

This in-depth AR experience allows the technician to virtually “place” the AutoLog IQ unit in their own space. Interactive callouts and a user interface help the user locate, examine, and disassemble device components, as well as re-assemble the system parts back into place. Imagine the benefits of this app versus having to locate the correct documentation and finding parts from a schematic.

Because the augmented device environment is a virtual mirror of the actual real-life system, this experience offers technicians the ability to take control of their learning process — on their own time, and at their own location. Videos are also available in the app to support the user experience.

A key for this project was to appropriate the system’s detailed CAD data and convert it into a reasonable format suitable for AR and real-time display.

Our role included all aspects, including close collaboration with the client on overall concept and creation of product’s augmented “story,” production of real-time 3D experience & assets, as well as interface design and deployment of app.

View app in use >>

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Leveraging Augmented Reality for Medical Devices

Jan 12, 2019

Video capture of augmented reality app experience that highlights the features and benefits of our client’s innovative transcatheter pulmonary valve therapy device.

Our role included all aspects, including close collaboration with the client on overall concept and creation of product’s augmented “story,” production of real-time 3D experience & assets, as well as interface design and deployment of app.

Working closely with our client, we created an experience that provides the user with first-hand interaction of the device, as well as the ability to explore key features & benefits using a custom user interface design.

Frustrated by the limitations and prohibitive nature of taking prototypes and products on the road, our client is thrilled to now have an effective, high-quality augmented reality experience for use at various shows and events. Having the ability to instantly point out features and benefits using a self-contained AR device is a huge advantage.

Thanks to the immediacy, immersion, and presence that augmented reality provides, the advantages of leveraging the experience for patient education are amazing as well.

While AR and VR appear to be gaining ground in the areas of gaming and social media, healthcare and medical device industries are also beginning to realize their tremendous potential as well.

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AnatomyAR+ kid workout with augmented reality

Sep 17, 2018

AnatomyAR+ augmented reality app for #MERGECube, available on MERGE Miniverse.

We made this video for our augmented reality app; featuring the most thoughtful (yet tough!) critics we could find. We are currently working on some updates and enhancements.

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Fungal infection in the blood

Jul 28, 2018

A breach in the skin (from a catheter) has led to an invasion of the bloodstream and profuse growth of the fungus.

Animation created for a closer look at Candida auris — the first identified multidrug-resistant fungus. Injury to cutaneous barriers by catheters allows yeast and fungi to invade deeper structures and enter the bloodstream.

We are honored and thrilled to have this artwork featured on the cover of this year’s Medical Illustration Sourcebook (30th ed).

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Let the phlegm fly!

Jul 08, 2018

Micro-landscape view of respiratory cells, an accumulating layer of mucus, and Bordetella pertussis bacteria releasing toxins.

A coughing event is occurring here, displacing mucus, the bacteria, and debris.

Also known as whooping cough, pertussis is a highly contagious airborne disease that spreads simply through the coughs and sneezes of an infected person.

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Burden of Genius excerpts

Mar 29, 2018

One of a few sequences we produced for the film “Burden of Genius.”

This documentary explores the life of Dr. Thomas Starzl, a man many call the greatest surgeon of the 20th century and “the father of modern transplantation.”

In 1967, Dr. Starzl stunned the world with the first successful liver transplantation.

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Immunotherapy in lung cancer

Feb 15, 2018

Activated T cells of the immune system targeting and destroying tumor cells. Once lysis occurs, the T cell moves to another cancer cell and repeats the process.

Sequence created for program that explores the impact of immunotherapies for lung cancer.

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Experience Virtual Inflammation in the Vive

Jan 02, 2018

VR experience examining the pathogenesis and inflammatory cycle of psoriatic arthritis.

What does virtual reality provide that a linear video cannot? For this MOA, we immerse the viewer into the inflammatory cycle of psoriatic arthritis and reiterate the story in a non-linear fashion — allowing users the ability to roam around and explore as they wish.

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Protecting against concussions

Dec 28, 2017

A couple of excerpts from a video production that explores a new advancement in preventing brain injury; specifically, the occurrence of brain injury caused by a concussive blow to the head.

The Q-Collar, developed by Q30 Innovations, assists the body’s own physiology, creating a “bubble-wrap” effect for the brain.

One key visual component of this project involved working closely with the client to execute their concept of slosh mitigation.

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New hybrid promotional reel

Nov 01, 2017

We are excited to release our new demo reel!

A collection of some of our favorite and latest work, featuring segments from medical animation projects we have produced over the past couple of years.

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Augmented reality in the palm of your hand? Yes!

Jul 11, 2017

Earlier this summer, we were selected to be developers for the Merge Cube. The video below shows some explorations with augmented reality and the cube.

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4D Theater “Ride the Rails” Experience

Jul 11, 2017

A few selected segments from an 8-minute animation produced specially for client’s trade show “4D Multisensory” installation.

The 3D interactive ride was featured at the ATS International Conference, the home of pulmonary, critical care and sleep professionals. Attendees experienced a stereoscopic, 3D monorail-style journey through two “branded” cities, learning more about two different patient therapies for COPD.

The XD Theater Experience is a self-contained, motion-simulated, stereoscopic 3D interactive ride often implemented for high-end, media-based trade show attractions.

View online >>

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360° VR Demo

Apr 08, 2017

Some of our favorite work we have produced and explored in 360° VR.

View 360 here >> 

360° VR Pneumoniae

Jan 26, 2017

Frame from immersive 360° animation & illustration

View 360 here >>

Virtual and augmented reality demonstration

Aug 10, 2016

We were recently in Chicago to present a multi-device virtual and augmented reality showcase. The stations included the Vive, Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the Hololens.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration.


ASCO Oculus Rift experience

Jun 22, 2016

Virtual Reality experience we produced for the ASCO 2016 conference.

View the Vr experience >>

Glass lungs

May 05, 2016

Animation of glass lungs and the bronchial pathways inside.

View the animation >>

3D cleaning technology

Mar 11, 2016

This 2-minute animation highlights product features for the first “smart” toothbrush, including new 3D
cleaning technology of the dynamic oscillating brush head design.

View the animation >>

Custom interaction with 3D content

Jan 29, 2016

At trade shows, you always want to present something that’s cool in order to get the attention of passersby. Whether it is real-time 3D using the Oculus rift, stereoscopid 3D or Leap Motion, Hybrid can develop the technology for your product.

Contact us to discuss custom experience >>

Virtual reality & real-time 3D promotional reel

Sep 26, 2015

Hybrid is working daily on projects that involve some aspect of leap motion, real-time 3D, virtual reality experience and/or augmentation. As immersive content and the latest emerging technologies become an every-day reality, our goal is to continue leading the way with our dedication to excellence, our artistic approach, and experience.

View the reel >>

Device Promotional Reel

Jun 30, 2015

We’ve brought together some of our favorite device-related work, featuring segments from projects we have produced over the past couple of years.

View the reel >>

Embrace-It! Live Action Video

Jun 19, 2015
Here are some sequences selected from Embrace-It!, an educational video that provides an overview of proper brushing and
flossing techniques for kids with braces.
Our challenges for this project included creating unique design options for the overall style, look & feel, animation and modelling,
and recreating proper brushing and flossing techniques in 3D.

View the animation >>

Journey into the body

May 15, 2015

The client’s challenge: using one fluid, dynamic camera move, “zoom into the eye and through the body in a way that will be intentionally vague overall — yet still have a couple of recognizable stops along the way.”

Rendered specially for a giant 26′ x 5′ screen, the animation was featured in an immersive geodesic dome installation.

View the animation >>

Mechanical Thrombectomy System

Apr 08, 2015

This 4-minute animation showcases the versatile design and broad indications of the Megavac and details how it separates
itself from the competition with the ability to be used for multiple applications.

View the animation >>

Shooting on location

Feb 18, 2015

Hybrid is on location for a project that will combine live action footage with CGI animation. This live-action shoot will be entirely on green-screen allowing us the ability to digitally reproduce the environment the actors are in. The environment can be anything from a sunny park, the surface of the moon, or in a micro environment.

View photo shoot >>

Cerebral Energy

Feb 06, 2015

Illustrations and MOA animation created for medical food that addresses diminished cerebral glucose metabolism (DCGM),
a critical aspect of  Alzheimer’s disease that leaves the brain thirsty for energy.

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Revamped Homepage

Jan 29, 2015

We’re excited to bring a unique new look for the front end of our website with looping movies created especially for the homepage.

Cycle through the four perfect loops by using the nodes in the upper right corner.

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Dec 23, 2014

A view of a transcytosis underway.

In this depiction, we’ve developed our own hand-drawn cel-shading technique…

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Discovery Channel UK – “Ebola Exposed”

Dec 03, 2014

Title sequence – “Ebola Exposed” aired November 22 and created for Discovery Channel UK.

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The Science of G

Sep 13, 2014

Hybrid collaborated with VML (and client) to produce The Science of G, a new Gatorade product line.

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Malignant Cell

Aug 20, 2014

One of six cancer cell illustrations for large-scale trade show displays.

Also an entry into the Medical Illustrator’s Sourcebook.

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The Life Cycle of the HIV Virus

Jun 17, 2014

This 3D interactive scene explains the puzzle of the HIV virus, its life cycle, and
how it reproduces itself in the host.

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X-ray Body in Motion

Dec 13, 2013
A visual study/exploration of the body in motion with a focus on yoga poses.

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Visual exploration of the heart

Mar 08, 2013

A visual study/exploration of the human heart.

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Synaptic Potential

Feb 21, 2013
Close-up view of a motor neuron, revealing its synaptic connections
from (potentially thousands) axon terminals of other neurons.

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Make you itch

Sep 28, 2012

Close-up illustration of a head louse. The strands of hair help understand how large head lice really are.

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Medical Illustrators Sourcebook

Sep 06, 2011

Part of a large series of illustrations and animations created for a client. We’ve taken a couple of pieces from that project and created this art for the 2011 Medical Illustrator’s Sourcebook page and other promotional purposes.

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Anatomy reveal

Jun 30, 2011

An animated reveal of human anatomy.

We wanted to show the complexity and beauty of the human body
by blending between various passes and render styles.

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Nanotube Technology MOA

Jun 02, 2011

This is a sequence from a 3-minute animation that examines a unique formulation for building an effective therapy using the latest in nanotechnology, including monomers that organize into a controlled, self-assembling nanotube.

We worked very closely with our clients to deliver a detailed, accurate visualization of key attributes such as nanotube morphology, organization of dimers, and overall formation of the lanreotide nanotube.

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Vertex Flowers

Apr 19, 2011

Collaborating with Vertex Pharmaceuticals, we came up with a way
to combine specific 3D renderings of chemical structures into photographs
depicting “everyday life” scenarios.

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Aug 02, 2010

Animation produced for inclusion into the
Women’s Health area on the Mayo Clinic website.

Part of a series of animations where we have collaborated
with the Mayo Clinic Staff to help achieve a more high-end look to their animations.

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pH of Healthy Tears

Jul 03, 2010

This 2-minute animation examines the unique formulation
of Biotrue™, its ability to match the pH of healthy tears, and the
benefits of keeping tear proteins active.

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3D Tissue Valve

Dec 13, 2009

Frustrated by the limitations of a traditional product video shoot, our client
called on us to create a functioning photoreal 3D model of the Biocor tissue valve.

This allowed for far more dynamic camera moves and the ability to focus
more clearly on unique product features, such as the flexible stent,
composite construction, and unique shield design.

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Interactive Heart

Apr 12, 2008

With breakthroughs in science animation, Hybrid has helped people envision the
unobservable and the difficult-to-grasp for nearly ten years. With their latest
innovation, it’s you who reveals the beauty in science.

The Hybrid Interactive Heart animation offers viewers a hands-on, completely unique
experience in science visualization and conceptualization.

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